Booking for Holy Mass

We have restarted the booking system for Mass. Please see the days and times of Mass at each Church on the Mass Times page of this web site.. We follow a booking system for the two Masses in Welshpool (Saturday 6.30pm and Sunday. 9.00 am) and one Mass in Llanidloes and one Mass in Newtown (Saturday 4.00pm and Sunday 11.00 am respectively) on weekends. In Welshpool we are allowed to have 30 people in the congregation at a time, in Newtown, we can have only 28 and in Llanidloes we can have 12. If you wish to attend any of these masses, the preferred way is to email the parish office (email address is Just give the names for whom you want to reserve and which Mass (please mention the time and place). If possible, also provide a mobile phone number for the purposes of track and trace. N.B: I will only reply if you are too late and the places are all taken (so that you don’t have a wasted trip.) If this happens, feel free to reserve for another Mass or the following week. Places will be given on a first come first served basis. Booking for the next Mass will only be possible from the previous Monday till Friday evening. Please be aware that you cannot book a seat for Mass months ahead.

If you do not have access to email or internet, you may ring (if I am not there please leave a message) the parish office but please do so during office hours(10am to 4pm) to the following number 01938 555657 or to my mob: 07401441108.

Please be aware that toilet facilities are NOT available.

Please bring your own Missal when you come to the Church for Holy Mass.

Missalettes will be available, but it is better to bring your own Missal when you come to the Church for Holy Mass.

For those who do not have an up to date Missal, there is a free APP that is available to download -the daily Catholic Mass Readings on your iPhone or smart phone. The link is:


Covid-19 Omicron variant

With the increased concern about Covid-19 it becomes more important to observe the basic elements in previous advice: That people displaying any symp-toms of covid-19 should stay at home and not travel to church or participate in person.

That hand sanitiser is available to those attending the Church. That there is a strong recommendation for people to wear a face covering (both nose and mouth) during the act of worship. That there is good ventilation and air throughput in the building; in this case, because of climatic conditions, it would be important to remind people to wrap up well in church! That a positive message encouraging people to get vaccinated and have the booster jab when able is delivered whenever possible. That people who are engaged in a form of pastoral ministry which involves ministry to the housebound, sick and vulnerable, should take regular lateral flow tests to ensure they are safe to do so. These are free from the NHS.

There is now very strong evidence to support that the main mode of trans-mission is through breath and nasal aerosols, and that the risk from surface and touch transmission is very small indeed. As such, the strict regimes of church cleaning that were recommended at the beginning of the opening of churches for public worship are no longer necessary. General church cleaning is sufficient.

If these guidance points are supported, then the churches will continue to be safe places for people to gather for acts of public worship, including over the Christmas period

Parishes will be informed if the situation changes following any further ad-vice from Welsh Government.



‘One Day’ is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 on 27th January 2022. It is One Day that we put aside to come together to remember, to learn about the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and the genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, in the hope that there may be One Day in the future with no genocide. We learn more about the past, we empathise with others today, and we take action for a better future. More information can be found on the HMD website:


The Lent Study 2022, Following Christ in the Footsteps of the Saints  Guided by the story of St Winefride/Gwenfrewi This journey through Lent, available to download on this link, draws upon 16 individual resources on St Winefride put together by MTAG and links to a 70-mile pilgrimage from Holywell to Shrewsbury in April and May 2022, led by Bishop Sarah Bullock from the Anglican Diocese of Lichfield.

Published by Hodder & Stoughton it is priced at £16.99


Pope Francis has called for an International Synod on the theme of ‘Synodality’ which means ‘walking together’. This process will take 2 years moving from the local parish level to the diocesan level and then to the National and finally the International level (in Rome.) 

The process has started! We are now trying to gauge interest and see how best to do our bit in the Parish.

At a parish level we now have the opportunity to gather – either in reality or virtually – in order to share our ideas, opinions and thoughts about how we as a Church ‘walk together’. 

Are our structures, methods and practices fit for the purpose of walking together? What can we do to better represent a Church that walks together?

If you wish to take part in any such discussion please email Sister Helen –

If you cannot email then please ring Fr Johnson whose contact details are in the newsletter.

Although it is still true that the Church is not a democracy, this synod is emphasising the need for a genuine and loving openness to diverse voices and ideas, real listening and wise discernment. It is everyone’s chance to have a say about how things may work in future. Please take the opportunity.


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 18 to 25 January 2022: This year’s theme is inspired by the story of the Magi. Prayer resources to help prepare services, and daily reflections can be found on Churches Together website at

Resources for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity have been provided by the churches of the Middle East; these are available to download from Churches Together website. “The Christians of the Middle East offer these resources conscious that the world shares many of the travails and much of the difficulties that it experiences, and yearns for a light to lead the way to the Saviour who is the light that overcomes darkness.” (cbti website)

There are the usual daily prayer resources for the week, including an order of service that can be adapted for your context, and prayers that could be adapted for the Prayers of the Faithful on Sunday 23rd January 2022.


The Diocesan Mass in Celebration of Marriage and Married Life will take place at 12 Noon on 19th February 2022 at the Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Wrexham and via livestream. Unfortunately due to uncertainty about COVID regulations at the current time it will not be possible to hold our usual reception afterwards.


Zoom Prayer meeting: A small group of parishioners are meeting each Tuesday at 7 p.m. by Zoom to meet one another and prayerfully reflect on the following Sunday’s Mass readings. We would welcome anyone who would like to join us. Please email Sister Helen if you are interested.


Confirmation meeting(Welshpool): The Next session of the Confirmation class will takes place next Saturday January 29th at 11am

Confirmation Meeting (Newtown) The Next session of the Confirmation class will takes place on Monday January 24th 2022 – 6pm – for candidates.


This year’s Year Books are ready for you at the parish office


Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer Please consider making your offertory donation by using the Gift aid form or standing order. Please remember to write your name, address, sign and date. Thank you for supporting our Parishes .